Everyone has a good quality

Everyone has a good quality, so don't be a proud man or demeaning others. Because when you fall down, nobody there for you except God sent someone to have pity on you.

Plant the rose-apple germs "Jambu"

Today I try to plant the rose-apple, I take it from the yard of the junior high scool (felled tree). Btw I want to have my own  the rose-apple.

It has been so long that I wanna have my own the rose apple trees. I'm lucky that I find the germ.

I have read how to plan the rose-apple from internet two days ago. Now I just need to wait for the next days until the root grow up.

Enjoy your life, lutfi!

Enjoy you life, Lutfi!

This is just life, sadness or happiness will always come and go. Be grateful about what you already have, be patient and enjoy it. 

Enjoy My Life

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I do want to enjoy my life, feel the sweet in every conflict of myself or with other person. I want to angry when I am angry about something, Cry when I feel sadness. Say what I want to reveal, not hold out in my heart. So I will not feel crowded in my bosom and not be burden in my mind.

One thing that I regret it in the last time is I couldn’t be myself, I was curbed by a situation. Situation that makes me keep silence without words. Situation where I couldn’t dig every talent that I have, dig more deep that I could do for myself. I regret every fault that I did and I was afraid it will happen again. So now I am like this, feel afraid to do mistakes. I know so long become loser.

If so I will dishonest in the same race circuit, think about my past time and regret it. If continuous until now then today will be regrettable in the future. I have to change my self-more better.